Crane & Equipment Services


  -Commercial Construction

  -Road and Bridgework

  -Power Generation


  -Plant and Facility


  -Residential Construction

  -Transportation and Heavy



The above list represents some of the industries in which we have expertise.


Our crane rentals range from 2 tons to 900 tons.  Please visit the crane rentals page for an extensive list of cranes. Our sales team can provide you accurate estimates from site visits, blue print reviews, and written or verbal inquiries.


Storage Services


Digging & Rigging has 38 acres of secured outside storage space as well as 30,000 sq/ft of climate controlled inside storage space available for long or short term requirements.


All stored equipment can be hauled, offloaded, set, and redelivered by us to fit your needs.

Removing old generator engine (600 Ton mobile crane)
38 acres of secured outside storage space


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Crane Rentals from 2 to 900 Ton Capacity

NCCCO Certified Operators, OSHA and ANSI Certified Machines